Pitch Wars!!!

It’s time for PITCH WARS! (If you aren’t sure what that is, please check out the info post here.) And you should totally pick me to be your mentor. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

But if you do need some convincing, allow me to tell you a little about myself.

I love ponies. What more do you need?

All right. Just in case you do need more, I’ve composed a short list of reasons you should pick me to be your mentor.

  1. I’m repped by Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour Agency who, in my opinion, is the very best agent in the world.
  2. I’m the author of the young adult KATANA trilogy currently out through Flux. Happily, book one sold out of its first printing.
  3. My next young adult book–THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIMENT–about a bully who gets a taste of her own medicine, comes out September 23rd through Entangled. I am so, so, SO excited for this book.
  4. I’m currently under contract for four new adult books as well as another young adult, all of which will be coming out in the next two years.

Why else should you pick me? Did I mention I love ponies? I’m also a network representative for my local SCBWI chapter and have assisted many authors on their path to publication.

Let’s talk about my wish list.

Young adult. Really compelling, kick you in the pants young adult.


  1. If you’re giving me a contemporary novel, I’m going to need a character driven book. I LOVE emotion. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Whatever you do, give me a character who will make me feel ALL THE FEELS.
  2. Romance–this goes for any subgenre of young adult. I am such a sucker for romance, but nothing turns me off more than cheese. Keep the sappy, eye-rolling insta-love. I’m looking for the slow to simmer page-burning romance. Organic feelings and believability are key.
  3. A magical world. I would love a good fantasy that transports me to a well-crafted world I can submerge myself into.
  4. If you’re giving me a paranormal or a dystopian, I’m going to need a plot driven book. While I don’t mind the feels, I’m going to need plenty of action to keep things moving.
  5. A love of ponies. Okay, I’m flexible on this one–but not by much.

If you do decide to submit to me–and I hope you do–please keep in mind I’m hardcore when it comes to whipping manuscripts in shape. You must have thick skin and understand I edit for publication. No pain, no gain. It’s not that I want to make the red pen bleed, I want you to succeed! Okay, maybe I want it to bleed a little…

Thank you so much for stopping by my page! If you think we’ll be a good match PICK ME!!! But make sure you also check out the other mentors and their wish lists just to be sure. We’re here because we’re excited to read your work and we want to you succeed! Good luck!

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18 thoughts on “Pitch Wars!!!

  1. Hi! Do you have any examples of Contemp YA novels that are either similar to what you’re looking for, or totally opposite?

    • Hmmm…that’s hard to say as I adore all YA and am pretty open to almost anything. I think the only thing I’m tired of at the moment is the “recovering from the death of (sibling, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.) who left a secret diary behind” trope. Actually, I’m pretty tired of death (car accidents, cancer, etc.) in general.

  2. Team Pinkie, myself. With those twitches? But I do love Scootaloo’s teeny wings…

    I have a YA contemporary with some lovely summer romance! Slow to simmer, not instalove. Insta-attraction, yes. 😀

  3. I think my daughters and I have watched the episode when Twilight gets her wings about 300,000 times. Tears me up every freakin’ time, too. 🙂 I’ll admit, Pinkie Pie’s my favorite, but don’t tell my oldest–she’s Team Rainbow Dash.

    I’ve got a fast-paced YA fantasy set in modern-day Prague. There’s a bit of romance, loads of spies and mercenaries, and an old pocket watch that, among other crazy things, dumps someone else’s WWII-era memories into Aaron’s (my MC) brain. Hopefully it’s right up your PitchWars alley!

  4. Hi Cole,

    what are your thoughts on anti-religious overtones? I have a YA Contemp Fantasy, but supernatural stuff does get involved along with religious conspiracies. Are you open to that stuff?

    • Sorry I missed this! My notifications were turned off. 🙁 So how anti-religious are we talking? I love supernatural stuff! However, I am tight with the Big Guy. An atheist POV wouldn’t bother me (I wrote about reincarnation in my KATANA series) but a God HATING POV would make me personally uncomfortable.

      • Hey no problem. To answer your question…uhhh…

        It’s not God HATING — by that it’s not like “Hey your religion sucks” through the whole book. More like there’s a conspiracy and the characters realize everything in the world is a facade and there’s a darker side to it all. The main character learns everything we were told about the world –and most religions–was an elaborate set up to stop some REALLY bad things from happening.

        Think of it as a His Dark Materials, meets The DaVinci Code with some Hunger Games violence for good measure.

  5. Hi Cole. Ha ha, that’s pretty funny about the unicorn pooping a rainbow.
    I’ve got an alternate world fantasy. It’s about a boy and a girl apprenticing to be mystics. A big part of their job is to keep balance between their people, the natural world and the ‘rulers’ in the world above their own. Usually this is fairly routine, but they’re born into a time when the relationships between all beings are sliding out of balance. The book is about their quest to set it right again. There is subtle romance, multi-dimensional fight scenes, talking to plants and animals, telepathy… Does this sound up your alley?

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